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Singapore Airport: World’s Biggest Indoor Waterfall

Singapore Airport: World’s Biggest Indoor Waterfall

For many of us, airports are the closest thing we have to experiencing Dante’s ninth circle of hell. Or at least, his idea of purgatory; a chasm of infinite waiting wherein lost souls collectively spend eternity in an agony of unknowing. In stark opposition to this picture stands Singapore’s Changi Airport, which has been ranked as the world’s best airport for four years running and is more luxurious than most five-star hotels. But it is now about to be home to a record-breaking feat of decadent architecture as it prepares to install the world’s biggest indoor waterfall. Ever.

Dreamt up with WET, a water design firm responsible for large-scale aquatic installations at venues like Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel, the Changi Airport’s newest wonder has been dubbed the “Rain Vortex.” To construct this behemoth, WET had to create a bagel-like structure in the airport’s glass ceiling. This was not merely for aesthetic reasons (though to be fair, cute!), but in order to have greater control of the water flow. In a normal waterfall the flow has drastic effects on the air pressure and turbulence, creating a veil of mist that would be inconvenient for travelers rushing to reach their gate with a Cinnabon in hand.

It is a project that is decadent for sure, but one that should fit in right at home with some of the airport’s other unique amenities (like a 24 hour cinema and a day-spa). Once its ready, expect passengers to book a flight just to get a day in the airport.

For more information on the project, be sure to visit WET’s website.

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