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Three Different iPhone 7 Models Have Leaked, Including The iPhone 7 Pro

iphone 7 leak jpg

Some more details about the iPhone 7.

New information about the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 continues to leak out, including the most recent images that showcase three separate iPhone 7 models.

Seen in the gallery are your standard iPhone 7 along with the the larger iPhone 7 Plus and an iPhone 7 Pro.

According to Forbes, the iPhone 7 Pro [shown on the far left] is the best of them all featuring, “the much vaunted dual lens rear camera as well as a Smart Connector (identifiable by the three dots on its lower back) which allows connected peripherals to simultaneously share power and data.”

The much anticipated iPhone 7 won’t be officially unveiled until September, but we’ve already learned that it won’t feature a headphone jack, and will instead come with a new generation of “lightning ready” headphones.

In addition to the absent headphone port, the iPhone 7 differs from previous models in that it features a slightly larger camera opening and rumors suggest a 14% larger battery than the iPhone 6S though nothing has been confirmed.

iphone leak gistmack. jpg


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